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Aces Up - Lauren Barnholdt



Eh. That's all I thought about this book. I was hoping for so much more because I loved Two-Way Street. (Review of that: Here). Because I loved Two Way Street soooo much, I bought this one. Luckily, fate didn't have me read them the other way around. The book started out fine. Like any normal YA contemporary book. Got you interested with her being underage at a casino. Which would have never happened. I had to go through numerous background checks, drug checks, fingerprinting, various legal paperwork to prove I am who I say I am, multiple interview, my references got packets to fill out (to make sure I am who I am), and various crazy things, to get a job there. It was insane.


Back to the point, underage cocktail waitress, gets invited to an underground poker group. Kind of like the book 21; Except without all the action and drama. They do poker, they win money. Then there is the typical love triangle. You know who she is going to end up with, but with the lack of communication (as always) they don't get together until the very end. The whole book felt 'luke-warm'. Nothing big really happened ever. The love "drama" was almost non-existant. The family drama wasn't realistic, and lasted a second. I did love Mackenzie, cocktail waitress friend, she was fierce and spunky. I wish this book was around her life. Now I would read that!


Then at the end of the book you wait for the poker tournament... and! Nothing happens. The book was way too predictable in my opinion. Yet, you read to hope that something crazy may happen. I mean, it's a casino! I know crazy things happen there! Oh the stories I could tell. Those stories would be more eventful than this book.


Anyway, Contemporary novels are very hit-or-miss with me. And I always preferred books with more drama than less drama. I rarely read these types of books, so I don't have many other contemporary books to compare this to. I still think everyone should give it a try. What I may not like, doesn't mean you won't. I think if I had not worked at a casino, and didn't have the experience and knowledge, this would be a fun read.